Hail To The Chief(‘s Special)

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  1. Jp1950

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    posted my cleanup of a neglected Taurus Judge recently and here’s my attempt on a 1970s S&W Model 36 Chief's Special (modified to have a bobbed hammer at some point). I'm no expert, but I learn and try. What I saw here is rust, pitting, general grime & loss of bluing. I take a lot of pictures, and here are some before and afters.

    C6399E88-CDE7-44DF-B4E6-19E8AB7B9D23.jpeg 8B112F3C-03CA-49F0-B00E-E3A3BA95C81E.jpeg 52BA8B8B-4EC4-4692-BA03-7CF7AE25DA52.jpeg




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  2. rigrat

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    Nice love the little bobbed 36, good job on it also.
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  3. Cliff731

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    A great job well done on reviving that long neglected Chief's Special...!!! :101010::101010:
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  4. Jp1950

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    Thanks so much!
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  5. bubbat

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    Nice Chief's. I had my wife's grandfather's Chief that was built in the late 50's for years, sweet little gun. Wife's aunt wanted to use it when she moved to Texas about 5yrs ago so I let her take it.
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    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    I bought one

    Saturday, haven't even loaded it yet. Girlfriend still has one her Dad gave her when she turned 15. (44 yrs ago). She still has the original box, sales receipt, and the letter from Hinds County SO where it was registered. Back then, that was required. She calls it "BLUE".
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  7. cottonmouth

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    Looks good! What did you use to refinish it?

  8. Jp1950

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    Thanks for asking! Ballistol and Birchwood-Casey Perma Blue were my primary chemical products.

    I used a brush to start, then extremely fine steel wool to gently buff out any rust and pitted spots. I kept the steel wool wet with Ballistol so the result wasn't too severe. It took care of a lot of the grime, too. When I was satisfied with how that looked, I wiped it down with a clean cloth really well so it wasn't too "slick." Then I used Birchwood-Casey Perma Blue. It was very cool to watch how the gun metal responded to it chemically! I took my time after the bluing agent to rub in several light coats of Ballistol to protect everything, and where lubrication was needed, I applied a little more.

    Do any of you use Ballistol? I know there are lots of products out there, but I was drawn to Ballistol because of what I read about it being so multi-purpose. I clean and lubricate both metal and wood with it. In this case, the wood grip really soaked it up. I can also use it inside without the smell being too horrible. It's definitely an odd smell -- I hear you either really grow to like the scent or find it disgusting! I'm middle of the road myself.
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  9. rigrat

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    Just remember when touching up and cleaning light rust do not use steel wool use bronze wool.
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  10. Jp1950

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    Thanks for that tip!
  11. 4x4moses

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    S&W36.jpg I inherited this beauty a few years ago. Going by the serial number, I think it was made in the early 70s; but it still looks brand new.
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  12. Jp1950

    Jp1950 Active Member

    Oh yes that is a beauty. Honestly I went looking for this one because I was after a revolver like the only one my dad ever owned. My mom bought it for him the first year they were married on 1971. Sadly it was stolen in a house burglary just a few years back. I tried to get as much info as I could from my dad and brother about the model he had. I believe the one in reality is just like yours because when he came to visit and I showed him mine with the bobbed hammer, he said he had been able to get his thumb behind the hammer to cock it just barely, but not on the one I had. But I was close as I could (with the info I had) to getting one just like my dad’s!