HALL OF SHAME: Places of business in Ms that have a no firearm sign posted

Discussion in 'Mississippi Gun Laws' started by msredneck, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. msredneck

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    This thread is for the purpose of listing places of business stupid enough to put a no firearms allowed sign up.

    No need to list Government Buildings, P.O., courthouses, state office buildings and such...we already know that...or at least you should!

    I'd suggest complaining to management and letting them know that they are being listed here and refuse to do business with them

    Sometimes you have to look around to find the signs

    1. Sonny's Barbeque - Hwy 80 Jackson just West of Metro Center..Sign is in hallway...not on door.
  2. bigsig

    bigsig Distinguished Poster

    MS Coast Colisium- NO WEAPONS posted on every door. Cant even carry a pocket knife!

  3. Beladran

    Beladran Moderator Staff Member

    Tinseltown movie theater in Pearl. Its Pearl so I dont give a D@mn what the sign says im packing
  4. Hammer

    Hammer Distinguished Poster

    That is not legal. Must be at entrance and visible from at least 10 feet.
  5. Joe S.

    Joe S. Distinguished Poster

    Hammer, its a huge sign. You can't miss I. That being said, that sign doesn't say no firearms, it says reward offered for robbery suspects or something. It has the handgun in the circle with the sign thru it, but below it, says something about catching robbery suspects, not that carrying is not allowed. Or am I reading it wrong? I'd like to think I am right, as I love eating there...
  6. msredneck

    msredneck Distinguished Poster

    The one I speak of it in the hallway before you go in...course I have not been back since...last there Memorial Day I guess...I was hard up for some barbeque....it aint much of a eating place anyway..

    Joe S...if you want some good ribs try C-Paws in Brandon bro.
  7. Xd357

    Xd357 Moderator Staff Member

    Pull a part on 55south has one.
  8. Doug Bowser

    Doug Bowser Distinguished Poster

    I call these places "Criminal Protection Zones". I think we should boycott all businesses that have a No Firearms sign and thell them about it.


    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    What about signs at entrances to parking lots? The Junction or whatever (target and home depot on I55 north in Jackson) has signs at all but one entrance into lot. If I need to go there I always use that one entrance without the sign. Are the signs legal or am I okay? Not really concerned, just wondering.
  10. Xd357

    Xd357 Moderator Staff Member

    Nether sonnys nor pull a part signs are legal as a no firearm sign.
  11. gunluvinatty

    gunluvinatty Distinguished Poster

    If you want to be really technical about it, which I don't recommend, you could argue this is ineffective. Miss. Code section 45-9-101(13) requires "the placing of a written notice clearly readable at a distance of not less than ten (10) feet that the 'carrying of a pistol or revolver is prohibited.'" If all it says is "no weapons" then it doesn't meet the statutory requirements. That said, I still observe the signs with a line drawn through a pistol.

    Also, a pocket knife is not defined under Miss. law as a "weapon". The only type of edged weapons which are prohibited from being carrying concealed, in whole or part, are dirks, bowie knives, butcher knives, switchblades and razors. § 97-37-2(1).

    Personally, I carry my knife anywhere I want unless it is prohibited by federal law (which generally exempts blades under 2") or other state law (educational property comes to mind immediately). Note that some localities have set blade limit restrictions by ordinance. http://www.handgunlaw.us/documents/USKnife.pdf (Tupelo: 3.5 inches; Vicksburg: 4 inches). Oxford has no length limitation.
  12. gunluvinatty

    gunluvinatty Distinguished Poster

    Oxford Mall used to have a sign. Pretty much every tenant left the mall so I don't know if it is still there.
  13. bigsig

    bigsig Distinguished Poster

    Thanx for the info. May have to speak to someone at the Colisium about this issue.
  14. crossedcannons45

    crossedcannons45 Distinguished Poster

    The Mall @ Barnes Crossing in Tupelo has "no firearms" listed as a rule on thier signs, which you can only see if you are leaving. I don't believe that is anywhere close to legal
  15. psychogoc

    psychogoc Distinguished Poster

    Tuesday Morning stores in Columbus, Starkville, and Tupelo (my wife loves that place...). I refuse to go into them either...Luckily the one in Starkville is next to the Sports Store ;)
  16. Northpark mall has a sign infront of the food court prohibiting firearms. Although I have a friend who's on the force, he works weekend night details there. He informed me that if you had a concealed carry permit it was legal to carry inside, but you better do it well. If the police see you with what they believe is a gun, they will pull you to a side and just short of interrogate and incarcerate you.
  17. msredneck

    msredneck Distinguished Poster

    As a General rule....

    Almost any mall will have a no firearms sign posted.....

    I have not been in a mall in over 20 years...They have absolutely nothing that I can't get somewhere else...usually online
  18. I like your thinking on that one. The last time I went in was with a woman. We spent several minutes inside the VS there. I couldn't complain too much... at least I got to see her try stuff on. Bet you can't get that on the internet (and xxx sites don't count!) lol.
  19. dal205

    dal205 Distinguished Poster

    I didn't realize that. I've been in the Starkville Tuesday Morning a couple of times. I won't any more. I'll spend that time down at the Sports Center fondling their Glocks and Kimbers.
  20. Drummer11

    Drummer11 Full Poster

    I was at sports center today and you can clearly see the sign driving by Tuesday Morning.