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I hereby call this meeting to order. We are not here to judge one another, but rather to, through sharing our experiences with one another, hopefully strengthen our character and help ourselves overcome.... ourselves. I'll start:

Hi, my name is Slabs, and I'm a gunoholic. It's been 3 days since I bought my last... my last.... oh, <sobbing>, I admit it, I'm actually bidding on another new gun as we speak! I can't stop, I don't wanna stop, it's just that I NEED those guns, and they need me.... Okay, I'm over it. Anyhow, so I bought a new (to me) Glock 17 the other day, and thought that after my fix I'd be good for a while. But I fell again. I feel so cheap....

So, anyone else want to share? Anyone?
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I'd have been okay, but this time I might be stepping in a bit too deep. Looking at a Wilson Combat CQB.... :affraid:
Well, I kinda already bid on one... So, if one of you wants to help a brotha out of a potentially expensive pinch, just go online and outbid me.... No, really.
I bought a P 220 a while back, but haven't even shot it yet. Glad to hear it's a shooter. I heard that a good bit before getting mine, but can't see it being a better shooter than my 1911. Could be wrong.

I have a RIA that has the CT grips, they're a lot of fun. Mine are sighted at around 7-10 yards, so I'm no more than 1" off out to 20 yards. I would NOT wish to be standing in the laserlight when the trigger was pulled.
Good news, boys, I got outbid! I am no longer the potential new owner of a Wilson Combat CQB Compact. That, my good fellows, is an outstanding thing, since I'd begun to calculate how much of my current armamentarium would have to be sold off to pay for it!!
Yeah, well, you can get a Les Baer that's got bluing on it starting around $1,550.00. The USED one I was looking at ended up selling for over $1,900.00, and it was a compact. Momentary loss of sense there!
LOL, reminds me of my brother in law. A couple years back, I got word he'd quit drinking (never was a heavy drinker, but would have one when fishin' with the boys, etc...). He did well for a couple months, then sent me a text: "Sobriety is for quitters." Needless to say, that wagon kept rollin' after he fell off....
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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