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Looking into buying a small safe to keep in the nightstand that would allow easy access but not sacrifice child safety.

anyone got any recommendations or advice. How reliable are the finger print safes?

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I have the gun vault 2000 deluxe model. I consider it one of the best purchases I've ever made. Safe and very fast access with an interior light and a/c power with battery backup and key access. I struggled with a good way to keep my handguns safe from my baby boys. This is perfect.

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360glitch said:
NRA_guy said:
I like this one:


I've used it several years. Works great.

You can find Harbor Freight cupons in magazines that will give you a discount.
How's that one on batteries?
It holds something like 8 AA batteries.

They seem to last forever in mine. So long I have forgotten how many it takes. I think the shelf life of the batteries is the limiting factor. (I probably should check mine, but they still open the safe just fine.)

When you enter the combination with your fingers in the grooves, it pops open (spring loaded to open.)

Mine does not have a built-in light. Some do and would eat batteries faster if you left it open and the light on very long.

The buttons are easy to feel and the thing is easy to open in the dark.

You can set the combination to whatever you wish.

And, yes, there is a key in case you forget the combination or if the batteries are dead.

It's a bit heavier than you might expect.

There is a security cable but I have never used it.
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