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handi rifle

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is a 35 whelan okay for a gun for all seasons
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444 would be my choice out those 2 ,

but thats just me.
I have killed over 40 with my 444 , and havent had any trouble with it. I killed a good many over 200yds with it the furthest was 246 ranged i am shooting the Hornady 265 out of it.

But i did up grade to a Custom built ProHunter 375 h&h for longer ranges , its great as well but not meat friendly LOL
Unless something has changed in the last few weeks they dont make the 35 whelen anymore in the handi, so if you get one it will be a older one.

They told me last time i talk to them they just had too many problems with Head spacing so they stop makeing that caliber.
Dont know then i called a few weeks ago and just went looked on there site as well, But thats what they told me . Ant no telling.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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