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handi rifle

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is a 35 whelan okay for a gun for all seasons
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I know they are having a huge RECALL on the 35 WHELENS HANDI RIFLES so you might check on that ASAP. Had a Encore 35 and had so much trouble with the MGM barrel I sold the gun and all.

Good luck with yours and eat your wheeties when you go sight it in.
msredneck said:
eat your wheeties when you go sight it in.


He aint kidding bro!...If its one of those pretty light handi's its gonna be time to "man-up" and take some pain sighting in at the bench

Good Luck
figured you would get a kick out of that, my 444 kicks enough and wouldn't want to shoot a 35 in the handi
msredneck said:
This is old news....almost 2 years ago

when the Handi rifle craze happened...H&R had problems with headspacing on 35 Whelen's

They recalled em and fixed the problem....that's why I said I'd be leary of a used one...
I have heard that it was new and not the one from two years ago. but it is not on there website. it is on other forums that I am on and people have sent them back and i know one of the ones that has sent his back.

If I owned one I would def check into it before I used it. :2c:
Wsm they made a bunch last year for a few retailers amd this year they made a bunch more.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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