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handi rifle

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is a 35 whelan okay for a gun for all seasons
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All seasons....U mean tree rats etc also

35 Whelen will smoke anything that breathes in North America..The parent of this cartridge is 30'06 so what's not to like?....I guess..(I've never really been turned on that much by '06...its just me!)...You can load 38/357 caliber pistol bullets in it if you reload

Only problem you gotta worry about on the Handi is that some of the early ones had headspace issues...

For that reason, I'd be leary of buying a used one

The caliber is bad ass...Go shoot one and you'll see what I mean...especially in a lighweight Handi...Lov the caliber...just not in a Handi...the gun is too light IMHO

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There most likely will not be any diff in price

I have a H&R in 444...if I had to do it over again...I'd get it in 45/70 and probably not in a Handi rifle...

as far as caliber is concerned the 444 has not impressed....it might just be because of the handi's short barrel length...I've smoked everything I've shot with it...but it has not just flattened game like I thought it would

Now if you want a nice rifle get you a Thompson Prohunter in 35
Good choice on caliber...if its a Handi in 35 and used I'd have a smith take a good look at it

Have never heard of a shooters edge scope...which series PF or PR..they look like BSA knock-offs..

I have a BSA on my 22 Kimber but that dude has no recoil. What I'd worry about on a cheap scope on that gun is whether it can take the punishment

I'd recommend a Nikon Prostaff 4x12x40mm....Midway has em on sale right now
eat your wheeties when you go sight it in.


He aint kidding bro!...If its one of those pretty light handi's its gonna be time to "man-up" and take some pain sighting in at the bench

Good Luck
This is old news....almost 2 years ago

when the Handi rifle craze happened...H&R had problems with headspacing on 35 Whelen's

They recalled em and fixed the problem....that's why I said I'd be leary of a used one...
old recall was headspace on 35 Whelen

I believe current issue is real light hammer strikes

H&R sold more of these rifles in the last 2 yrs than they have in the past 5...thus they pumped em out...and QC (quality Control) issues...

I have not had any (so far) with my 444
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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