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handi rifle

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is a 35 whelan okay for a gun for all seasons
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Wsm they made a bunch last year for a few retailers amd this year they made a bunch more.
Dont know then i called a few weeks ago and just went looked on there site as well, But thats what they told me . Ant no telling.
WSM,they are making new ones again,I got mine new in the box this year
also from what I gathered over on Greybeards site,they are also makeing a 35 remington as well......looks like I am gonna have to call H&R after Christmas about 35 Remmie barrels,be cool if they was making a 358 Winchester also...ps H&R hasn't updated their website in 2 years that I know of
Just kick it up a notch and goto a T/C. Van's installed the heavy spring in mine when I bought it a couple of years ago. Never a misfire, does not kick like a 45/70, has range beyond a 444's wildest dreams. To me, the 35 is a "perfect North American" caliber.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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