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The first was a Ruger SR9 compact and I sorta liked it. It was an impressive shooter. I didn't care too much for the controls, but some might, since they were sorta 1911 like. For you folks who find Glocks blocky, this might be a nice alternative to take a serious look at. Deminsionally, it was almost the same as my G26, except quite abit thinner and lighter. It was a double stack, but they did a nice job of sizing it. Felt like it would be comfortable for someone with smaller hands and I think it would be a lot more comfotable than a Glock in an IWB holster.

The other was an FN Herstal and all I can say is it was one of the nicest plastic framed 9mm I've seen. The gun just oozed quality and I don't know how they made it so light, but it sure felt good in my hand. Very accurate shooter, as well.

I wouldn't mind owning either.:)
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