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Hard winter wheat in bulk.

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I'd like to store some wheat. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mississippi by the 50 lb sack. Food grade of course.
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i thought i was the only one that knew about the dry ice trick! but still if you ever wanted to plant it the efficacy starts to nose dive around the 6-10 year mark unless kept in cold storage
be friends with a farmer that plants wheat. just something to think about bag of wheat plants one acre. Good dirt can produce 40-80 bushels per acre. one bushel can make 100 loaves of bread. one bushel sells for around $7-14 bucks. If you buy from a grain elevator or a farmer ask about moisture content I wanna say 13% moisture for wheat is good.. dont quote me on that its been a long ace time since i delt with any
Methos you think the corn you eat every day is from untreated seed? Regular field corn don't taste to bad "if" its picked just at the right time an I mean right time!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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