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Hard winter wheat in bulk.

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I'd like to store some wheat. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mississippi by the 50 lb sack. Food grade of course.
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I presume you can grind it. Share with the process of taking wheat to food. Maybe something I need to store is that and yeast. What would be the difference in that and cream of wheat? We're not up there in wheat consumption.
Methos, what you talking about, we used to get that stuff down at my grandmother's neighbor's farm. Remember them grinding the juice out and cooking it up. All them old men would stay cool with a cold one and we'd come back to Jackson with a load of it.
When I used to go to the fair, I always stood in line at Jim Buck Ross' stand to get a biscuit and molasses.
Way off topic but this has gone in a few directions.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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