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Hard winter wheat in bulk.

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I'd like to store some wheat. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mississippi by the 50 lb sack. Food grade of course.
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+1 on the LDS. If you have an LDS friend ask them to find out when their church is planning a canning trip to the "bishop's storehouse". Its in slidell, la for this area. You may can go in with their church group and be able to purchase several types of dry goods, including wheat, in bulk or canned in the one gallon cans - at wholesale without taxes. I've done this and its worth it.

Here's a list of what is available and the prices. http://www.providentliving.org/content/display/0,11666,8133-1-4352-1,00.html Click on the US price list.
Oh, I meant to mention that the reason its better to store wheat in the kernal form is that it will keep for over 30 years - I know - I've ate some pancakes made with wheat put up in 1964.

Processes flour will not keep that long.

Another thing - if you are going to store flour, don't worry about storing flour that is self-rising. This flour has baking powder already in it so you don't have to add it later. However, baking powder loses effect after about 5 years - so you'll end up with All purpose flour after all. Store baking soda and baking powder and oil or lard separately. ....and you young uns, learn to make biscuits if you don't know already - and memorize the recipe.

...also, unfortunately, yeast doesn't store long either. So, I'll be eating biscuits and cornbread mostly - which will be quite fine if its all I got, and superb if I can conjure up some squirrel gravy. :)
Mrs. Hammer said:
Hey what bout syrup for those biscuits?
I wish I knew. The old folk will say, cook up sugar cane into molasses syrup; but I hate the taste of that stuff. Honey is an option. I store sugar so I can make some sweets. Sugary foods is one thing I will have withdrawals from if TSHTF. Even simple little tea cakes or sugar cookies will be better than nothing.

On our last camp out with my buddies we did some experimenting with the dutch oven on the fire. We made some biscuits cowboy style from ground wheat and they turned out fine. It was my second time trying this. I've learned to not put hardly any coals under the pot. The bottoms burned the first time. Second time I used some rocks to support a standard 9" cake pan that fit inside the cast iron to keep them off the bottom. We also did a peach cobbler in another dutch oven that turned out great....but I'm getting off topic.
Corn is also a good storage item for down here. Untreated deer corn is edible by us and we can grow it like wildfire here. Wheat is more of a northern crop. IMHO we should look to what our grandpappys did.
Beladran said:
Methos you think the corn you eat every day is from untreated seed? Regular field corn don't taste to bad "if" its picked just at the right time an I mean right time!
Clarification: I was talking about eating the kernals as ground cornmeal, not planting it then eating the fresh ears.

Field corn is good roasted on the grill too. :wave:
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