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Hard winter wheat in bulk.

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I'd like to store some wheat. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mississippi by the 50 lb sack. Food grade of course.
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Never thought about storing wheat or that I may need it for this purpose. I guess that shows ya how much we sometimes tend to rely on modern conveniences like already processed flour and things.
Now biscuits from scratch without self rising flour I can do. I have never attempted corn bread with out self rising cornmeal but if I can make biscuits then corn bread shouldn't be to hard. Other than that I pretty much have this cooking from scratch thing down pat. My grandmothers were old school when it came to cooking so I learned from them as I grew up. Thank goodness for grandmaws or I would really be clueless. Hey what bout syrup for those biscuits? Where we gonna find trees to get that from. Those aren't easy to come by in MS.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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