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Hard winter wheat in bulk.

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I'd like to store some wheat. Does anyone know where to buy it in Mississippi by the 50 lb sack. Food grade of course.
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My wife stores it in 5 Gallon buckets with lids...she has a high $ very high speed grinder that takes wheat and makes flour..The whine is so high pitched she wears ear plugs while grinding it.

Then you have to have a very heavy duty machine to make dough...She has about 1.5 K in the hardware just to do this...

She uses red wheat and something else..

She makes about 10 loafs at a time...puts most in freezer

check out Montana Wheat or possibly the Rainbow Co-Op in Jafrica
They make special buckets and Lid removal tools...It stores about a year I guess...50 lbs goes a long way

I dunno about the winter wheat per se...I always used what I called "winter wheat" for dove fields :p

I can get some more 411 if ya'll need more
I don't think a coffee grinder would be fine enough..my wife has a special "grinding machine" just for grinding her wheat to make bread

High dollar instrument....very very high rpm...she wears muffs while running it
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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