Harvey relief for East Texas/West Louisiana

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    I posted this on a few different pages. My name is Brandon Couch. I'm a towboat captain that works on the Gulf coast in Louisiana and Texas and on the Mississippi River some also. The church I am coordinating with is Leaf River Baptist Church near Collins. If anyone is interested in helping out let me know. Post follows.

    I'm getting off the boat on 9/11. I have a Tundra crewmax and most likely a 16' double axle trailer or a Uhaul. I'm coordinating with a local to me pastor/professor to gather supplies to make a run to the Houston area on or around 9/13. I live just above Hattiesburg and will be heading down 59 to 12 then to 10 to Texas. Anyone around Hattiesburg/Laurel area that would like to help let me know and I can get a drop point for anything that you could send. The below list is one a friend on another boat saw in a FB page concerning disaster relief supplies. Yes, it's 1.5 weeks from now but I'm hoping a balance of storm water receeding and the sheer numbers of people in need will reach a balance that will make the trip worthwhile and successful. If anyone cares, though I don't talk about it much, I'm a towboat captain that works almost exclusively in and around Houston/Port Arthur when I'm not on the Mississippi. Harvey put a hell of a Dent in East Texas. I'm of the age and sort of position where I can do more to help than just donate $20 via PayPal. I'll keep updating this thread when I have more info. If the trip is cancelled I can make arrangements to get supplies returned or donated to a local shelter or church if the donors are agreeable. Thanks.


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    Those moving blankets at Harbor Freight are cheap and could be used to keep warm.
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    A suggestion from our Katrina list,
    33-45 gal bags, bottle dish & hand soaps, good disposable gloves(or dishwasher gloves ) along with the work gloves, & 100 ft. Clothesline with pins. And after seeing the amounts of clothes that went to ruin because of moisture; separate clothes item in bags will help reduce the man power to sort / distribution.