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Has anyone ever been attacked?

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This happened to me back in June '07.

I copied and pasted from another forum so i didnt have to retype it.. :D

"Me and my buddy were gettin some ice from his soon to be father inlaws warehouse.
Well we had filled one cooler up and was working on another one.. When we heard something outside..
Saw this white car go by then back up. it stops. Wasnt too sure what to think. Then i see a shadow on the ground, i look to my buddy and point to the shadow...

it had to be at least 10-15 seconds, then this guy (i got another name but i dont want to offend anyone) comes in, with a yellow shirt wrapped around his face. Grabs my buddy on the shoulder and shoves his finger in his back like he had a gun and said "Give me all your MF money!). My first reaction was to grab the guy, i grabbed him by the neck and pushed him outside.

He wasnt cooperating so i hit him in the head 2 times with this metal ice scoop. i was aiming for his eye but he moved and i hit him in the temple, so then i hit him again. He punched me in the face and i fell to the ground.

I kicked him between the legs 2 times and then he jumped on my buddy who was goin toward my truck. the guy hit my buddy in the back of the head and in the jaw.

I grabbed my XD .40 out of my console and drew down on this guy, then another guy got out of the car, so im steady trying to look for what my buddy is doin, watching both guys..

The first guy jumps in the car and the other one takes off running, im steadly easing toward them with my XD in hand, Finger wasnt on the trigger yet..

Then the guy in the car goes to take off, but forgets his buddy. So im standing here in my stance with my XD pointed at this guys chest (15 yds). The guy throws the car in reverse so i take cover by my truck and turn around and put my finger on the trigger and had it aimed at the drivers head.
The other guy jumps in the car and off they go..

I check on my buddy and he aint hurt too bad, just bruised,, i got a swollen eye and small cut.. and pissed,,, my buddy called the Police which aint but 300yds away.

Get a car over there and we tell them what happened.. my adrenline was pumping so much that everything i did was by instinct."

(Big thanks to Cliff also, i had shot in a match or 2 and he spent some time with me after one of them and it helped a bunch)
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I've felt the helpless Sheep side of things twice. the first time wasn't a big deal. I was about 14 and two older guys wanted me to give them my bike. I refused until one produced a baseball bat. At that point I backed down and let them take it. A bike isn't worth the risk of being beat.

The second time was a continuation from an argument in school. I had stood up for a less fortunate boy in my class and aparently a new student to the school(a wannabe thug from the Detroit area) didn't like me intervening. after school let out he followed me about a block away from the school and jumped me. He hit me a good 7-8 times in the head before leaving me alone. I only suffered a small cut and some swelling above my left eye. I called the police expecting them to do something and They were no help whatsoever!!! It took them 2 months to find the boy's house and talk to his mother. The officer that was working on my case called me and told me that my attacker had moved out of his jurisdiction and at best could have a warrent for him to be picked up. I was moving soon myself, so I politely made the officer feel completely useless and dropped the charges.

Still nothing in comparison to some other's conflicts, but It's a bad feeling to walk the streets defenseless and knowing the police will not/can not help.
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