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hattiesburg gun show

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Gun show here next weekend 26-27. time to press the msgo shirt.
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thats what turtle creek mall needs, a good gun shop!! sure would make going to the mall more fun! had to go a few weeks ago, wife found me laying on a bed talking to my daughter. hey, it was a demo model! one reason she does not take me very often :)
jackson might be bigger, depends, sometimes there a lot of vendors and sometimes it seems to be smaller. reloading vindors are getting fewer and fewer it seems. Vans has a lot more reloading stuff, will be there sometime tomarrow to get some bergers. off this week life is good! :sunny:
guns and knives and ammo abound

will be there!
gonna be cold, but, ill have my msgo shirt on. reloading stuff, is so hit & miss, sometimes theres a lot and sometimes theres not much. i was at Vans tuesday and the only berger bullets they were out of were the ones i shoot. figures.
i took my dad, we had fun, walked through 2 times. lots of ammo. got home my wife said lets go to gander mountain! different. my once a year trip to gander. just not much there thrills me.
saw some real good deals on ammo i have not seen in quite a while.
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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