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hattiesburg gun show

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Gun show here next weekend 26-27. time to press the msgo shirt.
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Went this morning.....didn't see any other MSGO shirts...... found a couple of rifles that almost came home...an older Rem 700 in 270, SS bbl, and aftermarket stock, custom trigger....sweet...but guy wanted $950...... I liked it a lot, but not quite that much...

Another table had some decent deals on DPMS AR's in 223 and 308....

Great selection on pistols, but these guys need to BEAT the other deals available on the same guns........imo....
I stopped in today, seen someone at the door with a OD green MSGO shirt but I wasnt able to say hey. I went for the reloading stuff and there was the one table at the back with powder and primers. Primers were over priced but I picked up a bottle of varget. I also picked up a rail gas block for my AR and a cheap laser for the wife's S&W. Some prices were expensive but I wasnt too surprised.
It was a good show today, quite a few things available today. Moved some knives all in all a great day. If you missed it today, take the time to stop by tomorrow.
saw some real good deals on ammo i have not seen in quite a while.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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