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Having Trouble With The Like Button

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by sand_man, May 9, 2016.

  1. sand_man

    sand_man Grouchy Old Fart MSGO Supporter

    I'm having to hit it several times to work. sometimes I just give up and move on!
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  2. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

  3. TippersDad

    TippersDad Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    It was taking me to a separate page and asking me if I really wanted to like a post.

    I just clicked on the "like" button for Sandman's post so that I could copy the URL for that page and show yall the page. worked like it used to and didn't take me there.

    I guess it's an evolving process!!! I just wish I had all the "reply" o[ptions I had about a month ago, when everything was working OK....
  4. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard Administrator Staff Member

    Nothing has not sure what you're referring to @TippersDad
  5. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    7/13/16 Mine does that even now. Just sometimes.
  6. sigpro2022

    sigpro2022 Distinguished Poster

    I've just about quit using the like button because it takes forever.
    This too.
  7. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Been a little slow but has been working fine for me.
  8. Vick

    Vick Distinguished Poster

    You ornery old farts are just disliking too many folks! :lol4:
  9. you done wore the button out

    BB is going to charge you for tearing stuff up
  10. 45flattop

    45flattop Distinguished Poster

    Just like the thread with some users having trouble on the site, no issues
    with the Like button here.
  11. gunsinger

    gunsinger Who you callin’ a snowflake?

    Petal, MS
    I suspect that the issues with the like button are related to the DB issues reported in another thread. Any time someone posts, it's making an entry in the DB. Same is true with the "Like" button. When there are database server issues, it manifests as delays or errors loading.

    Fix the DB issues, fix it all.
  12. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard Administrator Staff Member