Hbn bullet coating

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    i put it in the classifieds by accident so I’m reposting since I couldn’t change.

    I have been reading really good stuff about this stuff. Better cold bore shots, increased velocity, less fouling, longer barrel life.

    Has anyone used this because I can’t get the horror stories of moly coating out of my head.
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    Moved my reply from your classifieds post...

    I've had some HBN for a few months now. Haven't done a lot of testing but I have some ideas I'm going to try. I think generally people just tumble bullets in HBN and the HBN is sort of peened into the projectile. I've experimented with using melted Johnson's Paste Wax as a binder by mixing into the wax a little HBN in a plastic container, shaking to coat and then placing on wax paper to dry. It seemed to work fine but I didn't do enough of it yet to form any definite conclusions. Next I'm considering mixing a little HBN in with my regular powder coating powder and see how that might affect anything. The experiments continue for now.
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    I bought a gallon zinc lock full many years ago. Results was negligible. Maybe you will have better luck
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    I haven’t decided on it yet but I was thinking about it
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    I just like the way longer barrel life sounds