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Heads up, Picayune Gun Auction on 04/07/11

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Just wanted to let the forum members know about a Gun Auction locally on April 7th, 2011. It's at the Cuevas Auction House, 22061 Highway 43, Picayune, MS 39466 at 5pm

Below is a direct link to the Auction Houses online catalog & you can bid & buy online. I attended the last auction & scored a nice Yugo SKS. I have no relation to the Auction House or online bidding site, just passing along an opportunity to the forum members, just please don't outbid me on the two that I want! :lol4: (Norinco 1911 & the Marlin 783).

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BearsBoy said:
Is this for FFL holders only? Most of these type auctions are. (Selling firearms for Sheriff Departments.)
No, it is open to the public. The firearms are law enforment seizures according to the website. These are no reserve auctions.

Highest final bid price wins, add 10% for Auction House fees & 7% sales tax. Transfer fees are $15.00 if memory serves me correct. Please check the website for details.
jbpmidas said:
Will they ship?
Don't know for sure but I believe shipping could be arranged through an FFL. You could call the Auction House & ask.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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