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From USPSA Coordinator for Team Magnolia

Hi Guys,

One more from me that I wanted to keep separate from the last so that maybe someone will actually read this one. Hank Stern has volunteered to take the reins on setting up an NROI Level I RO class in Jackson. Several of you had asked me to set one up and I just kept letting it slide but Hank is on it so I expect it will actually happen now. Let me just say that I HIGHLY recommend this class to both new and old shooters. Even if you don’t plan on running the timer, knowing the rules absolutely makes you a better shooter. It just does. I’ve been shooting since 2001, a Range Officer since 2002, and a Chief Range Officer since 2003 and I plan on attending this class. Rules change, you forget things, and bottom line is that the classes really are that good. Class size is limited and it has been several years since one has been held in this area so, if you are interested, please contact Hank Stern ASAP at :

[email protected]



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Class will be two days...probably a weekend TBD

Cost approximately $35...There will be some shooting the 2nd day as you get to perform RO duties

More later

Great opportunity to really learn the rules, scoring and a way to help out more at the local matches. The RO's really work hard at the local match....They not only RO you but they are trying to focus on their shooting as well.

Range Officer's Creed

As a USPSA Range Officer, I shall conduct all competitions with the safety of the competitors, spectators and fellow Range Officials first and foremost in my thoughts and actions.

I shall always be courteous while maintaining firm control over my range and areas of responsibility.

I will always strive to be totally fair and impartial in my judgments.

Safety shall always be my primary goal, with efficiency and speed of the competition as secondary factors.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve as a Range Officer and I shall act accordingly.

It is my duty to assist all competitors in their attempts to accomplish their goals and not to hinder them by undue harassment and authoritarian behavior.

I shall put aside personal prejudices and act as an impartial judge at all times.

I shall keep my opinions to myself and shall not be critical of any individual beyond the field of contest.

I will thoroughly familiarize myself with all current regulations, match rules and attendant subjects.

I will be firm and fair in all judgmental calls made during the course of a stage, and be prepared to state in a clear and concise manner my reasons for such calls to the particular competitor or any Range Official.

During the course of a stage, my attention shall be clearly focused on the particular competitor I am assigned to observe, and I shall not permit my attention to be misdirected or lax.

Prior to and during a stage, I shall never consume any alcoholic beverage or narcotic. I understand that if I violate this rule, I may be suspended or barred from serving as a Range Official in the future.

I shall confer only with my fellow Range Officers and Match Officials concerning the behavior of any competitor and any decisions to be rendered.

I shall exercise due consideration for the personal emotions of any competitor, and shall act in a manner so as not to embarrass or disturb the competitor any more than is absolutely necessary.

I shall strive to never give even the appearance of wrongdoing.

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Aint heard anything....rest assured as soon as I get wind of anything it will be posted...

Cliff will find out way before I will I would imagine....

We won't forget....Too great of an opportunity to miss it...I just hope i don't have to work that weekend
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