Heirloom shotgun with some history

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    Hey all. Normally I'm in and around the milsurp section but I finally got around to taking some pictures of a shotgun that was left to me and my dad by a very special person and I wanted to share it with you. Back in the 90s one of my great uncles who had served in WW2 in Alaska during the Battle of Dutch Harbor left us three guns to take care of. This great uncle was very dear to me as he was my constant babysitter when my parents and grandparents were really busy and he also gave me my first dollar. Anyway one gun was a 1903 A4 that he brought home from the war but it was in rough shape (I fixed it back up and gave it to his son, who had nothing of his father's service), another was a Hi Standard Sentinel .22 revolver that he purchased new in 1956, and this shotgun: a Remington 870 Wingmaster that my great uncle bought new. I looked up the date code on the barrel on Remington's website and it showed that this shotgun was made in October of 1952, making it a very old Wingmaster. Moreover I also saw that Remington didn't start making Wingmasters until 1950 so that would make this a third generation example. I've never shot it as I have bad shoulders but I still treasure it all the same.
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    I like that Wingmaster.... and I sure like what you did for your great uncle and his son!!! :)

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    I got three Wingmasters only one done got tacticaled out.
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    Nice, I,ve got two-3 Wingmasters, and 2 Express, one is a lightweight, all in 20 gauges.
    I forget the year they started putting Raised ribs on the barrels but the older ones shoot fine without the rib to a shooter that is accustomed to the gun.
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    THANKS for sharing :)
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