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hello from Florence/Hattiesburg

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How's it going? I'm Jake. New here from Florence, currently in Hattiesburg attending USM. Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I was referred here by a site supporter of XDtalk.com, Volzfan, said to tell yall he sent me, ha not sure if that's a good thing or not though, because I'm new there too.

I just turned 21. I've been into guns and motorcycles for as long as I can remember, and I hope to get my carry permit soon.

I look forward to checking this place out some more.
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I'm a Business Entrepreneurship major. And no XD yet, its on my list though, I'm hoping to find one at the gun show this weekend for a good price, I can't really make myself pay the $700 they want around here for tupperware ha. Gonna be looking for the XDm 4.5" in .40.

I will definitely be getting my permit ASAP, and will try to get the word out about it but most of my friends aren't really that into guns, and my family are the conspiracy theorists type who believe anyone w/ a permit is going to be first on the list whenever the govt tries to take our guns.
i've seen a new one for $550 a few shows ago, but I know the odds of finding one for that great of a price again aren't good.

Yeah I've heard of concealedcampus.org, it was a pretty interesting site. I really wish carrying on campuses in MS wasn't illegal, because usm is starting to get a little crazy. We had that bomb threat last spring, then at the end of last semester we had one or two muggings on campus, and right after that the trustmark bank across the street from campus was robbed, and an hour later southern sent out an eaglealert to warn students...a lot of good that did an hour later when he could already have been hiding out on campus or anywhere else.

And you're right, I'd love to see them try to get the guns out of the south...but you never know.
Do you know a guy named Calvin W.?
not that i'm aware of.

I'll have to check out that site.
As far as the price on the Springfield, probably have to pay in the $650 range for a new XDm.
found a new XDm9 for $565 saturday at the gunshow.  But I'm looking for a .40 so I'll have to hold out till the next gun show, and keep hunting local stores.  The only XDm40 I found was the stainless/od model, which i'm not a fan of.

after the show I went by vans just to look at their prices and found a xdm40 w/ a set of trijicon night sights on it for $700, which would be nice, and are not a cheap add on so it wasn't an awful price, its just not what I had on me to spend so I'll keep debating on that one.  I even told the guy behind the counter what I'd found and the price and asked if they could match it(on a model w/o night sights) or at least come down a bit on the model w/ the night sights and he said their prices were solid, so no biggie for me...I didn't expect them to come down anyway, even the models w/o night sights were $650

Plus I sold my Judge today so I have the funds now to spend a little more for something that's worth it.  in the few minutes that I spent looking at prices on those sights most were running about $85ish on Google Shopping, so we shall see
I like sigs too, I'm really loving the Elite that I saw in Bass pro the other day, but I just bought a new Kimber Compact CDP II a couple months ago so I'm trying to lay off the huge purchases for the time being
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