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Hello from the Coast

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Have been reading for a while, figured I would post an intro. Long standing NRA member,recreational shooter & self defense proponent.

Later, Mark
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mildot said:
:wel4: Glad to see you coast guys joining up. Judging by your screen name your into hotrods also. I'll be down for Cruzin on the coast in October.
Yes I have a couple, a 31 Coupe, & a 32 truck. I build them as a hobby.

Later, Mark
bigsig said:
Welcome. The coast is fairly large, humor me, roughly where are you? Ocean Springs, Dibberville, Gfpt., waveland? Hang around and stay awhile.
I'm a few miles north of Long Beach.

Thanks for all the hospitality, Mark
captain-03 said:
You fish?
I did years ago,but not anymore.

1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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