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Hello from (Tishvegas) Tishomingo.com

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BeauBeaux invited me to the board....Hello.
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I reload for all my toys, no casting at this time. I own a few rifles from old to new. Always looking to grow my collection. Right now I have the gunsmithing bug. I have Dad and AGI to thank for that.
will do, and thanks. I see you understand the name. :10:
Me and (Dad) aka: BeauBeaux will be at the tupelo gun show Saturday morning. I must say the board does a good job welcoming new members. :10: Hello to all and pleased to meet you.
will do, I won't post what my next project is here, I'll save it for the gunsmithing board...It's a good team, I mess it up and Dad fixes it. :rotflmao:
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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