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Help locating a cleaning aid

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Years ago(25) I had what was referred to as a deleader. I'll try and explain this as best as I can. I think it was made by Lee. It had a screen as a cleaning patch, and you pulled it through the barrel, and it helped to remove any lead deposits. Anyone know if they make them anymore and where I can get one? I looked all over Midway and a few other sites but could not come up with anything. I may be calling it the wrong name.
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There's a better and cheaper way... Pick up some copper scouring pads at Walmart. Chore-Boy is their brand name, but any copper scouring pad meant for cleaning pots and pans will do.

Remove the binding staple or ziptie that keeps the copper pad tight, and cut a strip from the pad long enough to wrap around an old worn out bore brush. The entire rig should fit very tightly, just as a Lewis Lead Remover does. (and yes, I used to swear by LLR, too, until I read about the ChoreBoy method) Run the ChoreBoy brush back and forth through the barrel, finishing each stroke so that you have to pull the brush back into the bore. Do this until the barrel feels warm in your hand and then check for remaining lead fouling. It usually takes me ~45 seconds to clean what LLR would take 15 minutes because I'd go through the LLR patches 4 - 9 at a time for each barrel; disassembling/reassembling the LLR rod. They just weren't as efficient as CB, nor as cheap. One box of CB lasts about 8 -10x longer than a set of Lewis Lead Remover patches, and costs ~ $2.

If you think my method an old wive's tale or harmful, just search your (other) favorite shooting sites for "cleaning lead fouling" or even "Chore Boy" should work.
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