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Help with my Christmas present to myself

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Alright want a gun safe and have $1500-2000 to spend so which one to buy.? I've dome the research but you guys that have 1 or 3 give me some help. Have 15 long guns and 9 pistols. But want room to grow. Went by liberty in Pearl but have no clue what im looking at, would like room for 40 or so but all the options I have no clue about

I know the topic has been covered but help. Its my christmas present to myself

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Figure out which one you'll need and buy the next size up. I got that advice from a friend who worked part time at Discount when they sold safes in South JXN. Mine lasted 20 years before I outgrew it. Make sure you get a rolled steel safe, not stamped, it's got bolts on sides as well as top and bottom, and has S&G dial lock and the hinges are inside. That's what they use at work. Expect to pay 2k cause the wife will want to put her jewelry and your papers in there. For 2k you should be able to get a 30-35 cubic foot quality safe. Don't worry about a nice finish, no one should see it anyway.
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