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hensley and gibbs

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i got my first hensley and gibbs bullet mold today! im pumped up about it i just hope the wife dont find out how much it cost me! lol
38spl swc #73 six banger... was the most accurate shooting swc mold of its time
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yea i cant wait to sling some lead. that thing just screams quality and heavy duty in my book
lol yea the sprue plate weighs as much as my lil two banger molds
what cal are they doug?
ok its show and tell time!

this pile was done in about an hour. they are averaging in weight at 147gr and size at .359.. o and believe it or not but i actually had to start using that lead hammer i made lol and sometimes it would take two or three wacks.
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i frosted a few sets on accident.. forgot to turn pot off of high. I like how the sprue is designed with the valley in it. with my lyman's you gotta put the cavity hole right under the dispensing hole on your pot. Pour, stop, move to next hole... with this mold once it gets good and warm put it on the center hole and fill the whole thing up and it works like a ice tray filling each cavity..
lol probably but it works
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