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hensley and gibbs

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i got my first hensley and gibbs bullet mold today! im pumped up about it i just hope the wife dont find out how much it cost me! lol
38spl swc #73 six banger... was the most accurate shooting swc mold of its time
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That H&G mold appears to be in very good shape. Good find.....

Hope you have a mold guide on your pot. That puppy is going to get HEAVY......

Nice and shiney.......... Those look GOOD ! ! !

I think you are doing it wrong................

I start at the back hole (farthest from you) and with one continous pour steady push the mold forward. This only works well if you have a mold guide on the pot. The mold guide takes the weight of the mold off of you and holds the mold at a constant distance from the spout.

Flow rate is important with this method. As the pot gets lower I adjust the flow rate screw.

You will see my method (madness) Saturday....... :)

Loaded 38spl round............ S W E E T ! ! !

Big J. you are killing me......... I have almost 500 of your nice H&G 38cal bullets ready to load, but the 550 is setup for 40 S&W and I still have about 700 40cal bullets to size/lube and load. I need to find the TIME............ :(

1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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