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hensley and gibbs

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i got my first hensley and gibbs bullet mold today! im pumped up about it i just hope the wife dont find out how much it cost me! lol
38spl swc #73 six banger... was the most accurate shooting swc mold of its time
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I have 3 of them and they are the best moulds ever made.
Beladran said:
what cal are they doug?
.358 158 gr rn 1 cavity
2- 4 cavity .45 200 gr swc no 130

I use both .45 at one time. It stops the mould from getting too hat and empties a 20 pound pot in just a few minutes.

The cavity fills more efficiently, if you pour the lead into the center of the hole above each cavity and move the mould backward . I start and stop the lead flow over each hole in the sprue cutter. Also, use 2 moulds and you will never get frosted bullets.

I have been moulding bullets since about 1956-57.

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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