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Here is my 1022 SBR

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It's quite fun,I have had it for about 4 years now, and was my second nfa item. Specs are now, charger 1022 barrel cut to 5.5" threaded 1/2x28tpi., ruger 1022"T" reciver, bolt and trigger group, butler creek folding stock chopped, moa base and a cheap ass baraska reddot :D

suppressor is a tactical innovations tac 67, I usually use my yhm .22 mite can on it though..

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Dock Rocker said:
How do you quiet the action on your 10/22. With my Mite on my 10/22 it sounds like a tank even with a plastic buffer. I may have to go with a boltaction CZ for mouse fart quiet.
I am using a 1022 "T" bolt that has been beveled on the back which quiets down the cycling, also a power custom recoil spring and charging handle/rod, polishing the hamer face helps also. When that short mini mags are subsonic also, and with action noise on a semi its always best for subsonic ammo. The peferred ammo for my 1022 is wolf match target fyi, hard to find but damn good 22lr ammo. Another cool thing is wire gel in the can, makes mine like a gnat fart when i hold the bolt closed.

What I mean about beveled bolt is that it actually doesnot smack the hammer back into the trigger group, but rather rolls the hammer back/down decreasing the clank noise heard in most suppressed 1022 actions. There is a link on rinmfire central forums on how to do it, i belive its 1/4 back and up with a rolled edge. I will try to get a pic of mine up sometime for you to see.
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here are some picture i took to show the bolt radius and hammer polishing. There is a guy in huntsville area that will radius your bolt, or you can do it with a dremel/milling machine. I simpily polished my bolt face with a dremel and then did a trigger job on it. I also have a trigger group with vq parts in it which has about the same trigger pull. If you wish i can polish your hammer face for you when and if you send your bolt off if you are unable to. I would offer to do a trigger job but without the reciver and whole trigger group it would be pointless.

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