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Here We Go Again!!

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This may lead to some panic buying --- this is what Wideners has on their web site:

Large price increases for all ammunition and components are coming in April and May 2011. Record high costs of primary metals such as lead and copper are cited as part of the reason.

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I am sitting pretty good for now; however, could use a little more 7.62x54R ammo.
dlm37015 said:
i will be coming to the jackson show in april dont get down there much but have good prices 223 55 grain mil-spec bullet 69.99 per 1000 wc846 same as blc 2 90.00 per 8 lbs
First let me say welcome to the Board and we look forward to your participation ... what other good deals you got!!!!
Any .30 cal bullets?
How about a website?
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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