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I'm 45 yrs, married, 3 youngins. I'm a damn yankee and I'm not goin back! (since '78)
I live in Pearl, I love to hunt, shoot and buy guns. I reload my own ammo
5 rifle cals, 4 pistol cals and shotgun shells 12 & 20ga. Also tinkard with reloading shotgun slugs.
I hate the humidity in summer but love the winters in MS.
My fav quote: "Everyone knows there is right and wrong, but integrity proves a man"

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Outstanding First Post!! Right to the point and right on target - :thumbup:

Glad you came on in and joined us ... lots of guys (and a few gals) lurking around in here that share your same interest!! We look forward to your participation!

Again, :welcome:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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