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hey from a kid in the pass

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hey from a kid in the pass

:hi: as yall guessed, im a new member here and just thought id say a bit bout me and guns.
my name is chad, im from the pass are, i was born in long beach, and lived there for eleven years until hurricane katrina took that. i am now 15, i have a sigma 9 mm and my dad has a smith and wesson 357 magnum high way patroll man from the sixties. i come from a family where me and my dad are really into guns, but my mom resents them. the only reason we have the 357 is because it was left to my dad when his dad passed away, and the sigma was for christmas after years of me and dad trying to convince my mother to buy us one.
i have other hobbies as well, live steam, and really, anything to do with mechanics.
yall may chuckle at this, but i have recently gotten into plate competition, and yes, i use my sigma, though it looks like a mutated spud of glock and has like a nine pound trigger pull, im able to perform quite well with it.
well, that basically sums most of it up. sorry if it bored.
anyway, just thought id introduce myself. looking forward to getting to know this place a little better
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Re: hey from a kid in the pass

Hello and :wel4: to MSGO
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