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Hey Sub - When is the next High power rifle match @ Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club?

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Need to blow the dust out of my Springfield 1903-A3

You let newbies shoot HP or do I need to come watch one..aint sure about all that prone shooting with bad back...guess I need to try a few on the "home range"

what's this yrs schedule?...Please don't say 1st Sun of month when USPSA shoots go on...

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Some Magnolia Hi-Power dates to start the season................

3/27 regular HP match - 200yds

4/10 regular HP match - 200yds

4/24 Carbine HP match - 100yds

5/22 regular HP match - 200yds

6/12 Vintage HP match - 200yds

Plus more dates................

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