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Hey youse guys

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AR_15, mil.spec.mag. Can you leave/store 20 rounds in a 30 round mag for extended periods of time without damage to the spring? How long?
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Kinda off topic, but does anyone have problems with the 30 round GI mags jamming if loaded with 30 rounds? My nephew, a Marine who has done 3 tours in Iraq said they only put 27 rounds in theirs because they jam if you put in more than that.
nothing said:
I've seen guys who only load 29 rounds because it's easier to seat the magazine on a closed bolt, but I've never had a mag fail because it had 30 rounds in it. But I'm sure a big burly Marine wouldn't let a magazine kick his ass when a little Army Infantryman like me could slam one home. :evil: hmmm now I bet the tread will really be hijacked.
He's not a big burly Marine, he's a short stocky one. Kinda like his great uncle the 5'2" Marine drill instructor at Parris Island during WWII. :lol4:

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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