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High End 1911's

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Lets talk High end 1911's for a spell...when I say High end I mean guns that start in the 2K plus range.

makers that come to mind are Les Baer, (one of my fav's, but don't own one yet) Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom.

Of course they all have many different models....

I've always lusted after a really really nice 1911 but have not thrown down for one...So who's got one, had one etc....

are they worth the $ or is it just style points and marketing hype....

I know we got at least one Les Baer owner on here...feel free to discuss any other high end makers I left out....lets keep it to 1911 guns that we know are 2K and up
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To me it's not just fit and finish, it is also the quality of the parts. Too much cast and MIM in Kimbers, Springfields, and most other "standard grade" 1911's for me. I'm not saying I wouldn't own one; most of the parts can be replaced without too much trouble, and I have done that in the past. Most people probably don't care and won't have problems with them, but some will and it is unacceptable to me.

Rather than a Baer, Wilson, Brown, or other small production or "semi-custom" (as xd said) maker, I personally prefer a true custom built by a single gunsmith. That way I can get it "my way" and not be limited to a short list of factory options. While great guns, I can point to something I don't like about all of them. I am pickier than most though I admit.

I'd had Marc at Gemini Customs flute a couple guide rods for me but never had a gun built by him, I am however in the process of having a full custom built by Rich Dettelhouser at Canyon Creek Custom: http://www.canyoncreekcustom.com/
Every individual part was hand picked, mostly by me with some input from Rich, and most of them were hand fit by Rich. I had him send it to me "in the white" so that we can be sure it is just right before having the finish applied. The only downside I see to this is double shipping, (and having to send it back!). I haven't sent it back yet...

Going the full custom route isn't for everyone. Who cares? It's like picking out cars. We all have differing opinions and preferences. I'm certain everyone here won't love my custom when it is done, but I could care less. It is being built for me, after all. Oh yeah, it's not going to have anything engraved on the slide.
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bubbat said:
Nah, I think I will wait until it's done.

msredneck said:
Based on the comments here...no one actually owns any high end 1911's that have been mentioned...competition rigs don't count...They are in a world of their own

Oh Yeah....I hate Guide Rods....they are :bull: Give me that easy to take down, no tools needed bushing any day

I considered Canyon Creek Custom for some XD and XDM work....have not thought about them for 1911's
I didn't say anything about competition in my post. The build I mentioned is a singlestack 1911. I shoot widebody "2011's" in competition and plan to continue to. This isn't one of them. I'm not saying this one won't ever be shot in Singlestack division at a USPSA match or maybe run in a steel match for fun, but the goal with it was simply to fit my personal taste at this time in a no compromise, singlestack 1911. I thought that fit this thread. Maybe not.

Incidentally, I had Rich set up the gun with and without a full length guide rod. I run them in my competition gun and like the smoother feel and springs might last longer with one. They aren't a major hassle to me though.

So far I am pretty impressed with Rich's work. He was a tad beyond his promised deadline, but it was reasonable and what good gunsmith isn't typically a little behind schedule? (This is rhetorical question; no need to answer it here and drift the thread)

Beladran said:
SVI or Bob Cogan..
Have talked to Bob but never had any work done by him, but I have heard good things, I really like SVI. Although best known for their widebody guns, their singlestack frames and guns are awesome (as are most of their parts). There were a few things I wanted that they would do, but I came close to going with them anyway as I have one of their widebodies that has been fantastic. I really wanted to build on their frame, but they won't sell them so ok, I admit it, I had to make a small compromise... I used many of their parts though.

That old school Clark is cool.
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