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High End 1911's

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Lets talk High end 1911's for a spell...when I say High end I mean guns that start in the 2K plus range.

makers that come to mind are Les Baer, (one of my fav's, but don't own one yet) Wilson Combat, Nighthawk Custom.

Of course they all have many different models....

I've always lusted after a really really nice 1911 but have not thrown down for one...So who's got one, had one etc....

are they worth the $ or is it just style points and marketing hype....

I know we got at least one Les Baer owner on here...feel free to discuss any other high end makers I left out....lets keep it to 1911 guns that we know are 2K and up
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lwilf said:
Why pay that when you can get a Kimber?

I can't imagine a pistol shooting any better...
HA!! Now that ther is some funnE chit!! :thumbup: I hope to one day soon own a SA Professional.. Of course Gemini Customs make some wild 11's also....Hell neck we just need to quit buying $5 and 600 guns and go on and purchase that dream piece we really want....
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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