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High Standard .22 Target Pistol…

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High -Standard Supermatic Model S-101 Target Pistol, in .22. 6.8” weighted and Ported Target Barrel. Recently picked up by the customer in a horse trade. He wanted it sonic cleaned and checked over. Disassembled, found the coil Slide Lock Spring was crushed and not functioning, replaced that with Miniature Coil Spring from inventory. Function checked and test fired.
Vance Moore
Whynot Gunsmith Shop, Meridian, Mississippi
Facebook: Whynot Gunsmith Shop
Instagram: vance_gunsmith
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Those old HS pistols are still great shooters.
I have one remaining.
The right hand bottom corner of the slide looks beat to hell just like mine.
I shot one of these recently with a trigger so light I accidentally bump fired four rounds off at once. Interestingly, the owner said he loves it but has never been able to shoot it well. I didn’t do so great with it either.
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