History of the Kimber 82G

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by CK, May 30, 2011.

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    Read that a couple of months ago. Good article.

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    That really is a good article thanks for sharing.
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    This post is several years old but the article link above is good info.
    For those folks like me that are lousy fishermen & don't like yard work this time of year is great for rimfire target shooting. NRA small bore or 22 bench rest are great fun. The Kimber 82G, Winchester 52's & Remington 40X's are great target rifles.
    Word of caution--.22 target shooting can be addictive.
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    For you guys wanting one of these and/or wanting to try the Magnolia competitions, I know of three of us that have an extra Kimber 82 G that is for sale. :):):)
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    Freshen up this old thread
    I have a Kimber 82 that I had used in 22 F class few yrs ago. Wolfe match extra it seems to like well. I’m sure a few other high priced 22 ammo will work well in her also

    Captain-03 and I personally selected it in at CMP store in Al

    If there might be some interest I might put mine up for sale
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    It appears as time goes by less folks are interested in .22 f-class or bench rest competitions. Shooting accurate tight groups at 50, 100 & 200 yards, reading the wind & doing it on multiple targets can be a major challenge.
    The Kimber 82G's are a great way to enjoy these competitions. Maybe some younger or middle age folks will come join us old guys sitting on our cushions & see what a challenge it can be.
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    @msredneck ill give you your money back on it.
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    Msredneck... thanks for posting this one... and I'm sure you are well aware of what I follow with here... :)

    By all accounts and by Ted's own admission, he was an avid and keen competitor in the .22 competition matches... :cool:

    He personally owned a Kimber Model 82G that he related shooting these matches with... and also a number of other Model 82G rimfire rifles as he picked out himself at the CMP store.

    Captain-03 even had two of those "NIB" examples up for sale... and then offered up for sale the very same 82G that he used... this not too long before sadly departing from our midst. These were certainly just about the very last firearms as he sold to fellow MSGO members in his final efforts to clear out his "collection".
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    It would be fun one day to have an old CMP .22 rifle match with these rifles. Scope or iron sights, prone or bench. Shooters choice.
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