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hmmm barrel length info for springers

Discussion in 'Mississippi Air Rifles' started by 2DARK2C, May 3, 2017.

  1. 2DARK2C

    2DARK2C Distinguished Poster

    I found this real interesting! maybe after I put my new gas piston rifle through it's paces i'll chop my springer for indoors work :) this also could explain why the trail np pistol hits so hard if np airguns share the same physics.

    "Cardew determined optimum spring gun barrel length
    A spring gun gets all of its “push” in the first few inches of the barrel. Gerald Cardew pointed out in The Airgun from Trigger to Target that only the first six inches of the barrel is needed for a spring gun to achieve maximum velocity. His experiments were conducted in the mid-1970s. Although technology has advanced since then, today’s spring-piston guns probably don’t use more than the first 10 inches of barrel for top velocity.

    After that, the pellet coasts the rest of the way. Yes, friction with the bore slows the pellet somewhat, but the amount is so small that it doesn’t amount to anything. Spring gun barrels are made longer than 10 inches because they are used as levers, as in breakbarrels. And, on all rifles, a shorter barrel just doesn’t look right. That’s why the underlever TX 200 from Air Arms hides its nine-inch barrel inside a longer shroud that also muffles the sound of the shot."

    from this site
    Is airgun barrel length important? | Air gun blog - Pyramyd Air Report

    what do you guys think?
  2. Sonny H

    Sonny H Big Bore Shooter

    Yes, but speed isn't always the most important factor regarding air rifles. If a NP/Springer can hurl a pellet at 1150FPS, it will buck twice, once going supersonic and then again at subsonic. This can put your POI off. When I tune air rifles (PCP's), I shoot for around 825-850FPS. Depending on the grain of the pellet, at that speed, you can put about 35-75 foot pounds of energy on target. FYI: It only takes 1FPE per pound of target to achieve kill shot. Not just head shots either, blunt force trauma. I was shooting 33grn JSB's at 850FPS and getting around 55FPE, more than enough to lights out a crow at 75 yards. The old saying speed kills, can go both ways, good and bad.
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