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Hog Hunting on the Pascagoula WMA, Learning the rules the hard way

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Saturday AM my hunting buddy and I went to scout for hog sign at the P'goula WMA. We brought our guns in case we got lucky. On the way out, we got stopped by the rangers and Jackson County Sherrifs. Apparently, in the P'goula WMA, you can only hunt hogs during any other open season for game with weapons allowed during that season. Since deer season is over, our 30-06 and 308 rifles were not allowed and we got citations for that. From now until deer season in the fall, only small game weapons are allowed. Right now it is 22 rimfire or archery. It seems rather silly to hunt hogs with 22 rimfires, but the ranger said it is possible.

We will be going back, this time with 22LRs and a bow I have. Frankly, I think the bow, a hunting compound, is the best weapon...

If you have private land, you can use any waepon after March 1st....

Hope this is helpful.
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I have seen 2 good sized hogs killed in there tracks with a 22. But then again I have heard of them taking .270 round/s and still live a little while.
And not too long ago this guy I know that has a little farm had to put a pig down and it was late at night so he didn't want to be too loud.
He used a few 40 S&W rounds that didn't even phase the pig. After like 30 minutes the pig was still walking around so he shot it a few times with his bow and the pig still walked around for a while.
Can you use 22 mag? If so thats what I would do, but head shots only. You don't want a P'd off hog after you.
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