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Hog Hunting on the Pascagoula WMA, Learning the rules the hard way

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Saturday AM my hunting buddy and I went to scout for hog sign at the P'goula WMA. We brought our guns in case we got lucky. On the way out, we got stopped by the rangers and Jackson County Sherrifs. Apparently, in the P'goula WMA, you can only hunt hogs during any other open season for game with weapons allowed during that season. Since deer season is over, our 30-06 and 308 rifles were not allowed and we got citations for that. From now until deer season in the fall, only small game weapons are allowed. Right now it is 22 rimfire or archery. It seems rather silly to hunt hogs with 22 rimfires, but the ranger said it is possible.

We will be going back, this time with 22LRs and a bow I have. Frankly, I think the bow, a hunting compound, is the best weapon...

If you have private land, you can use any waepon after March 1st....

Hope this is helpful.
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Yep, I think that's the rule everywhere unless you're actually hunting them to stop predation - like they're destroying your crop or something.

MDWF&P is really screwing up with these stupid rules about what caliber you can use, etc. If these hogs aren't eradicated in fairly short order or at least killed back to a stable population level they're going to take over everything. They're hell on the true game populations. Have a friend just outside of town here where hogs have gotten so bad on his place that they never even SEE deer anymore, much less kill any. He used to have them right in his yard eating acorns from under the oak trees.

Wild hogs are a menace and the game & fish boys are discouraging people from hunting them with all their stupid-assed rules.

encoreman said:
Brutus you are correct. I hunt in Matherville which is in Wayne county and I saw 1 adult doe all season long, we killed 8 bucks and 3 does and 1 of those was a yearling doe. The hogs have about run all the deer out, from what I understand bucks will tolerate the hogs more than does will. I also understand the hogs will kill and eat fawns which may be the reason we didn't see many deer last few years. Went to check game camera 2 weeks ago, found 3 or 4 different deer tracks and literally hog tracks of all sizes everywhere. Trapping them in large pens is about the most effective.
I think the bucks CAN tolerate them better because they've got weapons on their heads that the does and little ones don't have.

My friend outside of town that I mentioned has been doing for several years now what you suggested - trapping them. He put up a square pen-type trap built out of hog/cattle panels with overlapping ends for the entryway. The way he's got the ends lapped together it works kind of like a catfish trap - they can walk through but not back out. Neat set-up. Anyhow, he's baited it before on a Friday evening and come back on Monday evening to find as many as 8-10 hogs in it from just over the course of the weekend. He usually puts them up and cleans them out for a week on straight corn before he kills them to eat. He gives away most of them and only keeps the best looking ones for smoking on his pit.

I'm glad we don't have them on our deer hunting land. It's probably only a matter of time, though. We have a creek running through it with a large bottom in areas and hogs just LOVE that sort of territory.

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