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Holster recomendations for smith airweight

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I just got a S&W 637 airweight, who here carries one and what holster do you use? Im primarily interested in pocket holsters.
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Just got my Crossbreed Supertuck in for my 1911 today. Arrived right at 3 weeks after ordering, along with a belt I purchased as well. Not a pocket holster, but I can't resist sharing a pic:

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msredneck said:
Supertucks work really well...and they are inexpensive...they look like crap...but they work
I never thought I'd see a supertuck referred to as inexpensive, but I suppose it is compared to some of the others. If the holster was not concealed they might not be able to get by with it's looks. :lol4:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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