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  1. vr1967

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    since most here seem to be “staying home” if things go bad, what are some of your home defense ideas?

    Duress words with the family. This is something we all know in the house, and something that can be said in a normal sentence and not sound out of the ordinary.

    I’m in the process of putting a fence and gate at the road, not just for that, but to keep animals in, I have a way to turn on barn lights from the house, etc.

    One of the things my wife and I are starting to do is walk more. Though I live off a pretty travelled road. I know of ways to minimize traffic, and alternate ways to get somewhere if need be.

    We do have a place to go, which is 2.5 miles from the nearest country gravel/blacktop rd, but always looking for ways to improve.
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  2. GunnyGene

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    Install some sensors to detect vehicles. I have one of the Dakota Alert systems. DIY install, easy setup, reliable. The receiver in your house is a plug in, so you should get a back up battery in case the power goes out.

    I'd also recommend putting the receiver in your bedroom, so it will wake you up at night.

    Wireless Alarms and Security Equipment by Dakota Alert
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  3. Caleb C

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    Lake, MS
    That's a really good idea. I've been meaning to do this. Early warning is critical. It's hard to out scrap a fella who's had a few extra minutes to get ready.
  4. GunnyGene

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    When we built here, security was high on the list of priorities. Second only to my wifes kitchen plans ;) . I've had a few instances in the past 18 years when I've been glad to have that extra 30 seconds or so. Well worth the cost.

    Dakota's 2500 series metal detector system fit our needs, but they have other systems also. Do your home work and avoid systems that will give you false alarms due to animals, etc. :)
  5. rigrat

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    I've been wanting to get a drive way detector myself. Have had a couple instances already where it would have been a great early warning system. Like the looks of the wireless system.
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  6. gunsinger

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    Petal, MS
    I live in a subdivision so there are a lot of things I probably can't get away with. For now, we keep a good supply of potable water on hand, motion activated lights, and two yappy dogs who let me know when someone as crossed the county line.
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  7. JohnHeiter

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  8. ER-HI-GU

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    Already have motion lights outside. Eventually get a camera setup. Want to reinforce all exterior and bedroom doors and windows.
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  9. nonnieselman

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    M2HB on top of the house would be ideal..
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    SOCOM SHTR Distinguished Poster

    We have driveway sensors and added them to the yard as well, house to tree line is 80yds North, East & West, South yard is 200yds.
    I guess if the SHTF I could take the excavator to the bridge and take it out as it's the only way in (were kinda rural) to keep the intruders from walking the roads to rape & pillage.
    My wife says I'm crazy until something goes bump in the night and the toys pop out and it's an animal loafing around the yard.
    When the girl gets old enough to date I plan on digging a molt around the place.
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  11. GunnyGene

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    You mean a moat of course. A molt is what dogs and other furry critters do. :lol2:

    SOCOM SHTR Distinguished Poster

    Yeah moat, thanks…………...
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  13. bubbat

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    No need for a moat, just scare the crap out of the first boy that shows up, word will get around to the rest of them.
  14. vr1967

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    I only have 212 feet from my front door to the mailbox, so plan on a fence and automatic gate. It will be around 190 feet from the door. Not the best, as I was going to build in the woods, but buying and remodeling this house “controlled” my neighbors. Next occupied house is over 3/4 a mile away.

    Dog was on front porch the other night and woke up with 7 deer within 20’ of the bedroom window, so motion lights may or may not be worthwhile. Once they got in sight of front porch, dog ran them off, but as you can see, I’m surrounded by timber.

    I am thinking of some lights to light up the back yard, if need be to be controlled from inside.

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  15. para40

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    Lamar Co.
  16. GunnyGene

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    Nice looking spot you've got there. I think you're headed in the right direction, security wise.:) Only thing I might suggest is a hedge along the road.
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  17. CajunBP

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    I would like them on the road...if you have a good line of fire LOL!
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  18. vr1967

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    Few things about hedges, I feel if they can’t see in, I can’t see out, plus I own 50 acres across the road, some is shown, and can see my barns, etc from the house. Also, you can’t tell from the picture, but there is a good bit of fall in one corner and the hedge would have to be about 15 feet tall to block sight of the house.
  19. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    Ok. You know your place a lot better than I do :). I'm back in the woods about 1/4 mile, can't see the nearest road from the house. Only one way in or out unless you're on foot.
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  20. vr1967

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    We had planned to build off the road, (already had blueprints drawn up and was getting quotes) when the house across the road came up for sale.

    I had just gotten home from overseas around noon, and about 3pm, three carloads of thrash got out looking at the house. Wife and I put in an offer the next day. At the time I was spending 8-9 months a year overseas, and didn’t want people like that for neighbors.

    It’s surrounded by 1700 acres of timber company land, my original place has one “neighbor” who owns 400 plus acres on one side. He lives in Simpson Co so I keep an eye on his place. The back of my place joins Ms Knox, an 80 something year old lady’s cow pastures, and yes, she is there daily tending then, checking fences, etc, and the other side is 75 acres owned by two brothers, well one is now passed and other is in nursing home. I wish I could afford to buy it,

    Anyways, I’m stuck close to the road, but due to things taught to me by wapenbroers, If things go sour, I can take care of that.

    Our dog is very territorial- he doesn’t even like birds circling the place, so wanting to keep him away from the road. If someone does get in the yard, shame on them.
    He’s getting where, when someone drives up, and one of my daughters opens the house door, he sits in front of my daughters in the doorway and will growl at whoever until my daughter speaks to the dog. He is a mutt with no training but is VERY protective of my girls.
    They are not allowed to scold him unless he gets close to the road, and we have a house mutt, that could hear a mouse poot, so no matter what time of day or night the outside dog barks, she goes to cutting up which gets our attention.