Homemade cough syrup?

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  1. Jarhead5811

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    When I was a kid my StepDad made a cough syrup that, I think, had Bourbon, Peppermint, lemon, and honey? I’m thinking about making some, to help me avoid the NyQuil, this winter.

    Do ya’ll have a favorite recipe?
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  3. Scharfschütze

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    We always had honey, lemon, & whiskey/bourbon for cough syrup/ cold medicine. I will add that I started taking at least 1 tspn of honey - local honey, not walmart or other, gotta be local - and I have not had a cold or even more than a sniffle for 10 years. Go to your co-op, or local grocer such as the Pig, and buy local, it works.
  4. vr1967

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    These are the two we use, one is single serving, the other stays in a mason jar in the cabinet.

    Think it says Southern Comfort but any whiskey will do. Also, don’t overdo the whiskey, as first day or two you won’t really taste it.

    Don’t forget Vick’s rub, depending, we got it on chest, back, feet, under/up nose and or a wad in the mouth


  5. Trashy

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    We raised 3 children on this "syrup"
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    Grandparents didn't drink but Granny kept a pint of Jack Daniels to make hot toddies for coughs and colds. Was whiskey, lemon, honey and peppermint mixed in cup of hot tea.
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    Lamar Co.
    To try and help before it gets you,

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  9. cruiser

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    Save time. Run by local store and buy peppermint schnapps. Works really well on chest congestion
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    Haha, going through old letters last year at sister, we found a prescription for almost exactly the one you show,but from late 20s.
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    I use about the same recipe as Virgil. Put ingredients in a coffee cup, fill with water, microwave, stir, drink it hot as you can stand it. Don't laugh, but wonton soup is great for congestion and sinus crap. It's basically chicken broth with ancient Chinese seasoning
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  12. sand_man

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    In a mason jar fill 1/3 with whiskey.
    Next 1/3 honey.
    The juice of one whole lemon.
    Add peppermint to taste.
    At the first sign of sickness take one tablespoon every hour. The next day cut back to 4 tablespoons. After that only as needed.
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  13. Soonered

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    1/3 whiskey
    1/3 lemon juice
    1/3 honey

    This is what I've always used, been given, etc.
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  14. TheBouncer1111

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    Jegermiester (spl)?

    Good for what ales ya
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  15. DEADEYE 1

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    Do you drink it or pour on pancakes. Kidding. Before I had my tonsils cut out , I gargled with a tea made from the bark of a tree. I raised Beagle rabbit dogs years ago and a older friend helped me get the bark, I just forgot what kind of tree it was.I think it was a gum or Maple tree. It seemed to help some but I still had to get my 20 year old tonsils out.
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  16. 94LEVERFAN

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    Wild Turkey American Honey. Awesome stuff, mild, pour some over ice and sip. It will kick a sore throats ass. It is like that old pepto Bismol commercial. It coats, soothes and relieves.
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  17. Rachet_36

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    Instead of peppermint my Grandmother always used horehound candy.
  18. Jarhead5811

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    Went shopping this morning:

    Jack Daniel’s
    (I figured it was a good compromise not too cheap, not too expensive)

    (from bee hives about five miles from where I’m sitting)

    Lemon juice
    (didn’t feel like fooling with lemons)

    ...and I already had the peppermints.
    The Wife, who has a pretty bad cough, tried it and found it pretty effective.
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    What the heck is that?
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