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Hornady leverlution issue

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so i have been collecting 444 brass for some time now. I would say 30% of what i get are hornady LL cases. out of that i would say 70% show signs of over pressure :pale: most common is primers backing out, fallowed by cratering, flattening, and a few were starting to actually flow. I have a feeling hornady is walking a fine line in regards to the pressure these bullets are making.
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no clue. these cases were given to me or purchased on gb
well i thought about that but the primers look factory. xd gave me a small bag while back and there was two in it that was starting to back out and they are once fired from a handi rifle if im not mistaken.
corbon loads some barnes bullets if im not mistaken. the thing i like about this bullet is it was designed for the 44spl and its velocity. which to me means good expansion at longer ranges
tsx is a rifle bullet so i imagine you punched a nice little hole in those deer. I know alot of solid copper bullets need speed to open up, the accubonds i shoot in my 375jdj dont mushroom for crap when you get down to about 1400fps and they have a soft lead core. i bet those barnes need at least 1800 or better fps.

thats a tsx recovered from a moose
300 winmag
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