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Hornady leverlution issue

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so i have been collecting 444 brass for some time now. I would say 30% of what i get are hornady LL cases. out of that i would say 70% show signs of over pressure :pale: most common is primers backing out, fallowed by cratering, flattening, and a few were starting to actually flow. I have a feeling hornady is walking a fine line in regards to the pressure these bullets are making.
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Not surprising to me

Its a well established fact that leverevolution ammo is loaded with shorter brass for some reason on 444 Marlin anyway...

I'm betting 90% of that ammo that is shot in MS is in H&R Handi rifles...

when I reload, I'll reload Remington brass

I did not like the Hornady ammo anyway...nor the Corbon
Off subject, but just as a FYI, I've been less than impressed with the Corbon 444 Marlin loaded with Barnes 220 gr TSX

I've had to track 2 deer deer shot with em at close range...and both shots were perfect behind the shoulder at under 100 yards.

I'm used to flattening every deer I shoot...I don't like deer running off on me....when you hunt hills and hollows....it creates a lot of hard work tracking and draggin

The Corbon Box says they are 2200 fps 225 DPX bullets
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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