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Hornady leverlution issue

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so i have been collecting 444 brass for some time now. I would say 30% of what i get are hornady LL cases. out of that i would say 70% show signs of over pressure :pale: most common is primers backing out, fallowed by cratering, flattening, and a few were starting to actually flow. I have a feeling hornady is walking a fine line in regards to the pressure these bullets are making.
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A friend and a cousin of mine have both had trouble with the LeverEvolution ammo at relatively close range and when placing a behind-the-shoulder shot and not a true shoulder shot. My friend has a .45-70 and my cousin has a .35 Remington.

My thoughts are 1) these are very high velocity loads for their calibers when compared with more conventional loads in these calibers, 2) at close range they are still hauling ass and need significant mass to be in their way to get good bullet performance, and 3) at close range the surest mass to put in front of the bullet is the shoulder blade and not the more traditional behind-the-shoulder heart/lung shot.

I've NEVER put a solid shoulder shot on a deer and had him run off. The best any of them have done is stumble around a bit and drop within 10 yards of where I shot them.

Take the running gear out and you don't have to go a lookin' for 'em.

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